I own another account, but I made this to let out my thoughts without being judged or hated upon. The first time I used tumblr, it was very nice to let out my own personal thoughts, without being frowned upod by others. I don’t usually agree with others. Which makes me different from them. In my other tumblr, I plainly said my own thoughts about a singer, MY OWN THOUGHTS, that I didn’t want anyone’s opinion on. I just wanted to let it out. But what did I get? Hate and judgement. Since when was tumblr like this? Since when, did this shithole not allow to post our own thoughts huh? This is what blogging is from the start. A blog, where we can let out our own voice that cannot be heard. What I said, isn’t a big deal, since I’m a nobody, and no one should actually give a shit about it. And that’s what I’m used to.
I got called an ass for saying what I did. What gives you the right to speak your thoughts and not me? Are you the fucking queen of tumblr that you get to look down on others? Assuming they are younger, just because you think what they said is stupid? Think what you think. Not everyone has the same mind, thoughts, opinions.